How to connect record player to av receiver easily

How to connect record player to av receiver easily

Connecting your record player which is also known as the turntable to your receiver and it is not much difficult process. It is really very simple to make the record player receiver connection with only a few basic steps to connect them. Then, you will definitely get the fair and sweet sounds with the perfect clarification.

By connecting the turntable with the best receiver under 500 or any other models, everyone can surely able to get the extraordinary sound quality.

What is the phono preamp?

The process to connect the turntable sound system with you receiver usually begin with the phono preamp. There is the cartridge available on the end of the tonearm of the turntable in order to generate the tiny voltage since its needle sketches the grooves on your record albums. This music signal or voltage should be properly amplified and also equalized before it can play via your audio receiver. Boosting this kind of signal is a process of the phono preamp and it is also known as the phono EQ, phono stage, turntable preamp or also RIAA preamp. There are usually 3 common places to discover the phono preamp in most of the audio systems including,

  • Built into your turntable
  • Inside your receiver
  • Housed in the separate box which plugs in between your audio receiver and turntable

Phono preamp in the turntable – Whenever you are willing to connect the receiver for turntable, there you can find the added phono preamp. It doesn’t have the exclusive phono preamp and simply plug the audio signal cable of the turntable into any one of the receiver’s analog audio inputs.

Phono preamp in the receiver – The audio receiver has the built-in phono preamp with the phono labeled input. You should have to plug the audio signal cable of the turntable into the phono input of the receiver. For the ground, you can find the GND label just below the phono input.

Separate phono preamp component – Instead of receiver and turntable with the built-in phono preamp, there is also the outboard phono preamp available to be connected between these two devices for the extraordinary audio output.

Tips to get the best sound quality:

receiver for turntable

If you are following these essential tips such as:

  • If both your turntable and receiver have the added phono preamps and the turntable has a control which allows you to get ahead of or revolve its preamp off, you can test to see if either photo preamp of the turntable or receiver sounds better. It will be very helpful for improving your sound quality.
  • Although they have built-in phono preamps, having a separate photo preamp might be definitely a very good upgrade of your sound system. If you are using the outboard phono preamp, it contains the highest quality circuitry along with the improved adjustments and set to deliver the best sound.

There are also the vinyl stereo systems to be used as the receivers to enjoy the extraordinary sound.



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