Understand difference between vintage and new turntables

Understand difference between vintage and new turntables

As everyone knows turntable is the round part and flat of the record player on which record will place while it is played. It is the circular horizontal platform which might rotate gramophone record when it could be played.

In a modern world most of the people are interested to choose vintage turntable rather than new turntable for many reasons such as old turntable is cheaper than new turntable, sound quality is subjective, convenient and price. According to the studies say that old turntable is sonically better than new one because price is completely low.

Which one is better vintage or new turntable?

choose best turntableBefore you plan to purchase turntable, it is crucial to know about what you are planning to buy. You can follow some tips while choosing the turntable such as

  • Connections are important
  • Technology equals sound quality
  • Manual or automatic
  • Specifications
  • Features

Specification for the turntable might differ from model to model in certain areas like playback speed. Once you know about vintage or new turntable then you can find out the best turntable based on your desire.

Now a day most of the artists are releasing new music and their back catalogs on the vinyl.

Old turntable might cost less but it has better build quality. If you are choosing best one then you can get superior build quality which results in the better sound. Different kinds of the turntables are available and each turntable is different. Experienced repairers of the old turntable might deal with the few brands. The turntable is a complex piece of the machine which might take time to experience and know to get good at repairing.

Playing music on the vinyl is gaining more popularity among audiophile community after the advent of the compact discs, cassette tapes, and digital music. You are advised to follow some tips while choosing the turntable such as determine your budget, choose between the belt drive and direct drive turntable, choose between the automatic or manual turntable and evaluate cartridge included with the turntable.

How to choose best turntable

The cartridge is the small component which might connect to the tonearm and holds stylus. The manual turntable has required the user to life tonearm and places it on spinning record by hand.

The platter of the turntable could be rotated by using the motor. Belt drive turntable is preferred by the audiophile community. Direct drive turntable could be preferred by the disc jockeys. Record prices might vary based on the quality of pressing and source material which pressing is produced from. A new turntable is ultimate in the convenience and it can produce crystal clear sound.


Turntable without speaker system is an expensive piece of the machinery and it could be paired with the quality speaker in order to produce sound. You are advised to pick the best turntable based on the review. With the help of this turntable, new record players are excellent in reliability and convenience. You must invest only in the high quality of the turntable because it can only provide excellent results.