Know about the main difference between turntable and record player

Know about the main difference between turntable and record player

The latest collection of turntables and record players available in reliable shops online in our time catches the attention of individuals who wish to get vinyl back in style.  The complete specifications of record players and turntables nowadays encourage many individuals to directly choose and purchase one of these products.

As a beginner to the turntable and record player, you have to take note of the definition, benefits, and drawbacks of both turntables and record players at this time.

What is a turntable? A turntable is the circular rotating platform in the record player otherwise known as gramophone and phonograph.

Listen to the overall specifications

As a major component of the record player, a turntable plays an important role behind the improved music system.  This part of the record player is designed to hold the overall record and spin it. Bear in mind that turntable also refers to the standalone unit.

record player

There is no built-in speaker or amplifier in the turntable. Once you have decided to purchase the turntable, you have to buy and use these things separately and connect such things by using the RCA cables.  Also, you have to know what is phono preamp, and how to connect a record player to av receiver. A handful of components in the turntable give a variety of favorable things required by every user. The motor and the platter play the main roles in the overall quality of the turntable.

Some of the main elements of the turntable are tone-arm, cartridge and stylus. A pre-amplifier in the turntable lets users to connect the turntable to any external component devoid of any dedicated phono input. There are endless customization options in the turntable based on components users to pair with the turntable.


Is a turntable the same as a record player? No, turntable and record player are different. A

the record player is an overall audio system setup which includes the following things.

  • A pair of speakers
  • An amplifier
  • A turntable

A record player is more elaborate than a turntable. Loads of additional features of the record player support all users to play different file formats like MP3, radio or CD. The size is one of the main drawbacks of a record player. For example, a record player is larger and heavier than other sound systems, in particular, the turntable.

Fulfill your desires about the sound system

The turntable is not at all portable.  In general, the record player is usually kept in the home entertainment center or on a dedicated stand. The cost of the record player is higher than the turntable. On the other hand, the overall convenience for users of the record player is much better than the convenience of users of the turntable.


Individuals who use the record player do not have to get an extra component. They simply plug it in and take pleasure in their favorite genre of music as expected. You may seek whether to purchase the record player or turntable in recent times. You can pay attention to the turntable vs record player at this time and make an informed decision to buy an excellent sound system as per your wishes.


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